Steve Westaway & Friends


The Worpswede Music Session has existed now since 2005  Every 2nd Tuesday night in the "Kogge" the pub in the famous Musichall Worpswede, musicians and guests gather to enjoy the "Session" atmosphere created by its initiator the English Singer and Songwriter Steve Westaway. Listeners have enjoyed a mixture of Jazz, Blues, Folk and music improvisation and through the Sessions a group of musicians established themselves and perform under the name of "Steve Westaway and Friends"

They consist of:
Manni Dirks (Bass and Vocals)
Jörn Vrampe (Baritone saxophone)
Andrea Müller (Keyboards, Harmonica)
Anne Wasser (Cajon,Percussion Vocals)
Steve Westaway (Guitars, Vocals)

In their shows they try to maintain the "Session" character and their sound is warm, rhythmisch, intimate and at the same time dynamic and spontaneous.

Check them out when they are next time in your area.

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