Live At The Music Hall Worpswede

Steve Westaway

01 Introduction
02 Between The Spaces And The Distances
03 Dust Road
04 Blowing My Blues Away
05 These Letters
06 Send Me Down An Angel
07 Summers Fading Song
08 What Kind Of ...?
09 Ashes
10 If I Had My Way
11 When This Long And Angry Day Is Done


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What kind of...?

Steve Westaway

1. I Got You
2. Fine Day
3. Half Moon At The Window
4. River With No Ending
5. Long Road To Midnight
6. Winter Roads (Have No End)
7. What kind of...?
8. If Love Should Leave
9. Ashes
10. If I Had My Way
11. View From the Bridge (Dad)


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The Mirror and the Bridge

Steve Westaway

1. I nearly called you last night
2. First Snow
3. Train running though my life
4. Twisting in the wind
5. Emily and Bernd
6. The healer of the heart
7. England, my England
8. Dreams can't fly
9. Pioneer Bridge
10. Nostalgic
11. Lisa's Winter Song
12. Mirror (I broke no bonds)
13. Between the space and the distances
14. How empty is this noise


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Maxi CD "Independent of the Heart - Live"

Steve Westaway Featuring Peter Apel

1. Independent of the Heart
2. Nostalgic
3. Give me Back my Heart
4. Send me Down an Angel
5. When this Long and Angry Day is Done

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