Westaway / Apel Duo

Steve Westaway,  Vocals, Akustik- u. Resonator-Gitarren
Peter Apel, E-Gitarre, Vocals


Various Influences from Folk Blues and Jazz are found in Steve Westaway's songs.

The Westaway/Apel duo's program consists entirely of Steve's own compositions.

Either in instrumental pieces featuring Peter's phenomenal guitar work and in the songs, some quiet, some melancholic, and others rhythmic and restless, the Westaway / Apel duo try to create an atmosphere of sounds where the listener can lose his or herself.

Peter Apel born in 1955 and based in Bremen, is one of the best known guitarists in Northern Germany with many facets to his talent. He is well known as a somewhat unconventional jazz guitarist as well as a dynamic blues musician,  In the Westaway / Apel duo, Peter specializes in creating soundscapes, adding electric texture and colouring to the acoustic sounds created by Steve.

Many of the songs are played in open tunings and  this allows Peter to weave his sounds within the spaces that Steve creates, thus creating an almost hypnotic effect.

Check out Peter's work on my CD "The Mirror and the Bridge"

In addition to playing with Steve, some of Peter's other projects can be found on the website http://www.peterapel.de