Blues Plus

Trio Blues Plus:
Westaway / Grossert / Jonas
Steve Westaway – Acoustic guitar / vocals
Klaus Grossert – Harmonica
Justus Jonas – Electric/Acoustic guitars

blues-plus2.jpgSteve, Klaus and Justus got together at a blues session in 2001 in Visselhoevede near Verden. Steve knew and had played with Klaus previously and Klaus had brought along Justus to the session and like magic suddenly the feeling clicked and a Trio Blues Plus was formed.

Each of the musicians bring their own experience to the project Blues Plus.

Steve has been in Germany since 1979 and had played in the local area around Verden with different musicians and is currently playing in different programs – either in his solo program or with the exceptional Bremen guitarist Peter Apel and of course with Trio Blues Plus.

Through these different projects Steve’s quality as a singer and songwriter shines through.

Klaus Grossert – the “Local hero” is well known locally through his work with the “Etelsen Gospel Choir” , various studio projects and performances with great German artists such as Abi Wallenstein,  Inga Rumpf  and Joja Wendt and many others and not to mention Klaus’s great friend and mentor – the great harmonica player Steve Baker.

Justus has been playing blues for around thirty years. As a youngster he dived into blues and found his roots. His first studio production appeared in 1983 and he has progressed through various band projects including appearances in the famous “Blue Monday Club in Frieburg Germany. Probably the biggest highlight of Justus’s career was being invited to play with the famous Luther Allison during one of his tours of Scandinavia.

So this is how we are today – Steve’s smoky voice (some say a bit of Clapton, a bit of Chris Rea), the warmth of the harmonica from Klaus and the sensitive blues feel from Justus on acoustic and electric guitar -  all leading to create a sound of blues and soul that leaves the listener wanting more.